Meet your new best friend, Buddy!

Buddy is a sweet and smart boy looking for that perfect home! He can be shy with new people and takes some time to build trust. Once Buddy knows you, he will show you his true sweet side that enjoys lots of cuddles and belly rubs. He is very eager to learn and would benefit from going home which can keep him busy physically and mentally. Buddy would be best in an adult-only home.


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Buddy is the best #remotework pup!

Still working remotely? Buddy is the perfect home office dog! He’s the ZING to your morning coffee and will always be with you during Zoom meetings. Got to take a break? No worries, Buddy will cover for your and take all the notes! It might not be very legible, but he’ll finish all your work!


Besides working for treats, Buddy enjoys basking in the sun (oo lala getting ready for that summer glow!) and hanging out on the couch.