The Kitten That Almost Wasn’t.

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This is Britney. She’s named after Britney Spears. More on that later. Can you get the laser pointer out now? I’m bored. She’s friendly, outgoing, a laser pointer addict – a pretty awesome kitten. Sure, she dances a bit when she walks but it’s not a big deal. And no, it’s not why she’s named after Britney Spears. Kitten does … Read More

The Difficult Process of Kitten Building


Kittens are cute, right? Bask in our ridiculous adorableness.  Adorable. Fluffy. So playful. Unfortunately we have to burst the kitten bubble. We have to tell you honestly: they don’t start out that way. We don’t want to say that they start out homely but… We’re sure he has a great personality.  An enormous amount of work goes into building the … Read More

Four Reasons Our Medical Staff Kicks Butt.

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#1) No Teeth, No Problem. Check out my three toofers. In case you haven’t noticed, we get a lot of wee little dogs. Small dogs tend to have big dental problems – everything is just crowded too close together in those tiny little mouths. So a lot of our smaller muffins come in with painful dental issues….. She’s got too … Read More

We Need Everyone To Get Over The Tail Thing.

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We are having a little issue. What? It’s not really a little issue. It’s actually a highly populous issue made up of lots of little guys. So it’s a big issue with a lot of adorably quivering whiskers. Are you talking about us? As you know, we like to help our buddy rescues and shelters out. So when a local … Read More

Three Reasons Spot and Arlo’s Love Story Is All Too Human.

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They’re hip. They’re hot. They’re adorable. And they’ve taken the internet by storm. If you didn’t hear about Arlo and Spot, our most beloved mismatched pair, check out these articles in Huffington Postand The Dodo. Arlo (the husky) and Spot (the poodle) were found roaming the streets in Oakland together. The awesome folks at Oakland Animal Services took them in … Read More