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Understanding the significant impact that construction and use of buildings has on our ecology, economy, and healthy, Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) continually places importance on conducting animal services in a safe way for the environment and our constituents.

Since water and energy comprise roughly 48% of HSSV’s operating costs, we focused on “green” features that would provide substantial savings in operating costs over time.

  • A Photovoltaic solar system generates 40-50% of the facility’s electricity needs. Artificial turf in our dog park and exercise areas to reduce regular watering of natural grass.
  • Heat recovery wheels in the HVAC system to capture heating and cooling from ventilation air as it is exhausted and reuse that energy to heat and cool incoming air, thus lowering energy costs while reducing the potential for illness among our animal population.
  • High Efficiency Kennel Cleaning System to ensure proper disinfecting of kennels while using only 2.2 gallons of water per minute. Much like a central vacuum in a home, it serves multiple remote locations from one centrally located pumping unit. Natural Light is provided throughout more than 75% of the building due to site placement of the building, large, highly efficient windows, and solar light pipes. Natural sunlight makes both humans and animals healthier and happier while reducing electrical bills.
  • Additional examples of the Design Team’s green vision include: placement of the building to save older trees used for shading the dog park, using donated office furniture, and reusing 90% of the concrete from the old building foundations.


Remediation of a Brownfield Site

To save natural habitat for wild animals, our Animal Community Center (ACC) in Milpitas was built on a former industrial site. Lead paint, Freon and Mercury in lighting were removed and safely disposed before the old building was demolished with 90% crushed and reused for the new building pad and road beds.

Specific Examples of Energy Use Efficiencies:

  • Photovoltaic solar system to generate 40-50 % on the building’s electricity needs
  • 20-year Power Purchase Agreement provides renewable energy to the grid and lowers operating expenses by capping electrical rate increases
  • Occupancy sensors manage indoor lights
  • Stained concrete flooring absorbs and retains preferred temperatures
  • “Cool” roofing material combined with ceiling insulation to reduce A/C and heating demands
  • Double pane windows and R10 insulation reduces escaping heat and cool air
  • Load sensors in printers, computers and desk lights provide energy use feedback
  • Efficient computers and software to run our website and business with less equipment and power
  • Energy Star rated appliances (washers and dryers) to use less energy


Examples of Water Use Efficiencies include:

  • Efficient kennel cleansing system
  • Stained concrete flooring requires less water and chemicals to clean
  • Low flow toilets, sinks, and washing machines
  • Artificial turf in dog parks and exercise areas
  • Landscaping with native plants which grow well in California’s low rain climate require less water
  • Onsite bioswales to capture and naturally cleanse rainwater run-off before it enters the water treatment system, thus reducing the energy needed to clean water supplies
  • Preferred Vendor Plan with “Green” Suppliers

HSSV uses a preferred vendor plan with green suppliers who use green cleaners and recycle. We prefer green rated products and purchases, and going ‘paperless’ is an ongoing goal.

Our “Green” Awards March 2010: HSSV was one of six recipients to receive the Silicon Valley Water Conservation Award.
HSSV’s facility uses 45% less water than comparable facilities and was recognized for its innovative programs and leadership that are advancing water conservation in Silicon Valley.

2009 California Integrated Waste Reduction Award
The Waste Reduction Awards Program (WRAP) is administered by the California Integrated Waste Management Board. This award is given to California businesses and nonprofit organizations for their outstanding waste reduction efforts.

2009 City of Milpitas Beautification Award
Commendation in recognition of winning in the category of Attractive Non-Residential in the City of Milpitas Neighborhood Beautification Tenth Annual Recognition Award Program.

2009 Certificate of Recognition in the Greening of Milpitas

2008 Green Business Certification from Santa Clara County for having achieved the Bay Area Green Business Standards
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