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Trish King is a certified professional dog trainer and behavior consultant, and has been working with dogs, owners, and shelter professionals for more than 30 years. We are pleased to offer her Academy of Dog Behavior at HSSV.


About Trish King Academy

The Academy is an experience that will transform and deepen the way you think and work with dogs. Trish’s extensive background in dog behavior and consulting work makes her the perfect candidate to help aspiring dog trainers, shelter workers and dog hobbyists expand their relationship with dogs and their owners.

About Trish King

Certified Professional Dog Trainer; Certified Dog Behavior Consultant. Trish has been a dog addict since she was a teen, and managed to combine her love of dogs with her respect and affection for people. Her goal is always to enrich the lives of both, through the humane and thoughtful use of relationship work, environmental management and training.

Trish established the Canine Behavior Academy at the Marin Humane Society for new or interested trainers, which covers dog handling, evaluating, learning theory, training techniques and solving problems, as well as teaching people. Several hundred people have attended both levels of the Academy. She teaches workshops and seminars on behavior, canine management, temperament assessment, and handling difficult dogs.

Trish's speaking engagements have included numerous conferences presented by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, the Humane Society of the United States, and the American Humane Association, as well as California Animal Care Conferences, private training groups, webinars and teleconferences.

She has written a critically acclaimed book for dog owners, Parenting Your Dog (TFH Publications), as well as numerous articles about dog and cat behavior for local and national newspapers and magazines.

Member of the American Humane Association Task Force for Humane Dog Training
Equipment Chair of the Delta Guidelines for Humane Dog Training
Past Board member and charter member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Member of the task force to restructure PetSmart Dog Training practices
Instructor with "Dogs of Course" Instructor Training Courses
Webinar Instructor with Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Telecourse Instructor with Raising Canine, LLC


“Trish has an amazing way of sharing years of experience and knowledge on canine behavior; by serving as a translator of sorts between dog speak and human speak, her teachings are not only incredibly fun and entertaining, but have an enormous educational value that is helping bridge the gap between people and their dogs, improving relationships, quality of life and giving an insight into a wildly fascinating subject.”
– Natalia Martinez, 2011 Grad

“The hands-on work that Trish provides in her CBA-1 and 2 classes is invaluable. I had been assisting in a dog training class before taking CBA-1. After completing CBA-2, I started helping in a new class. I was elated to find that I felt like a completely different trainer the second time around. I had so many more tools in my toolbox and more confidence after taking the CBA courses. I could look at a dog and its handler and zero in on things that they could work on, whereas before I had felt more like I was just helping the other teacher run the drills. If you want a solid foundation in working with dogs, Trish’s CBA courses are the way to go!”
– Sara S., 2012 Level 2 Grad

“I first heard about Trish King when a friend suggested I call her when I was in desperate need of help with a difficult dog. Once I spoke with her, I knew I had to meet her and find a way to learn more from her! The Canine Behavior Academy provided so much useful information--both theoretical and practical. It has changed for the better how I interact with dogs and dog owners. Not only is her breadth of knowledge and experience impressive, Trish shares her knowledge with great compassion and humor. I would recommend Trish's canine behavior courses to anyone who wants to learn more about dogs and how to enrich the lives of our dogs and ourselves.”
– Katie Atkinson, 2013 Level 1 Grad

“My wife and I took the fall 2011 Canine Behavior Academy (CBA1) course taught by Trish King. In addition, our staff and I also took her Dog-to-Dog Aggression class before that. Rarely in all my years (and I have a pretty good bunch of them) have I been so impressed with the knowledge, skills, talents and personality of a teacher and human being. Trish was always patient with us, always showing absolutely genuine interest in everything we asked and suggestions, ideas we offered, bar none, whether brilliant or inane. I could tell that her central goal was to give us the best chance to learn as much as we could. As can be expected with so much experience in her field, she is an expert, but she never pontificated, instead acknowledging how much she yet needs to learn. She consistently and unblushingly spoke the truth, gently and analytically, in addition to imparting a stupendous array of knowledge, not just about dogs, but about life as well. Her delivery was often humorous (more than one student exclaimed she should be a stand-up comedienne), always immensely interesting, and often riveting. We looked forward to each and every one of our 10 CBA1 weekly sessions as if they were our week’s dessert. And we felt a true loss when the course came to an end (we heard many say they wanted the classes to continue forever). So, if you are ever fortunate enough to come under the amazing tutelage of Trish King, your life with (or without) dogs will change for the better, and the dogs who know you will be truly blessed."
– Peter Alexander, 2011 Grad