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Do you have questions? Well we have answers! Can’t find the answer you’re looking for below, let us know! Call 408-262-2133 x352 or e-mail us at

The dog training class I want to take has multiple sessions; when are the dates for all of the classes?

Our multi-session classes occur each week consecutively on the same day of the week and time for the duration. Our Event Calendar shows the first session of each class. Sometimes there may be a skip date for a session to accommodate for a holiday. In those cases, the skip days or nonconsecutive dates are noted in the class description.


How much does it cost?

Typically, our Beginning and Intermediate Obedience classes are $150 for all six sessions of class. Our Sports classes are $175. Single day seminars and workshops vary. For more information, please see the class description online. Adopters and Dog Park Members do receive a discount on these classes. To find out if you qualify for a discount, please email


How do I register for class/how does registration work?

You may register for a class online from the Event Calendar. Just find the class session you would like to take and click the link to go to the class description. Scroll to the bottom and click “Buy Tickets.” Fill out the registration and payment information to confirm your place in class!

Please note that ticket purchase is per dog, not per person. We encourage multiple members of the dog's immediate family to attend training together to promote and ensure consistency in training.


How do I know which class I should take?

Our beginning level classes are designated by the age of your dog on the first day of class. Young puppies, age 8 to 18 weeks old, should take Beginning Puppy Training. Older puppies, age 4.5 to 8 months old, should take Beginning Older Puppy Training. Beginning Manners and Obedience is intended for adult dogs 5 months and older.

While there is an overlap in age ranges for Beginning Older Puppy Training and Beginning Manners and Obedience, it is ideal for pups 4.5 to 8 months to take Beginning Older Puppy Training.


My dog is between 5 and 8 months old and is age appropriate for both Beginning Older Puppy Training and Beginning Manners and Obedience. What is the difference, and which class should I take?

Beginning Older Puppy Training focuses more on older puppy specific issues to prepare for a dog’s developmental and adolescent age. We work on socializing your dog to new real life situations and experiences, as well as the fundamentals of basic training, and it is preferable for pups up to 8 months old.

Beginning Manners and Obedience focuses less on socialization and puppy issues, but teaches  all the fundamentals and basic manners as well as teaching you how to teach your dog.

Both classes are extremely valuable, but we don’t offer Beginning Older Puppy Training as frequently. Beginning Manners and Obedience is a viable option for those unable to attend Beginning Older Puppy Training.


My dog already knows how to sit and stay, but we haven’t taken a training class before with anyone. Can I go straight into an intermediate level class?

We ask that you and your dog have experience with a professional dog trainer or dog training class as a prerequisite to our intermediate, sports, and specialty classes. Additionally, dogs learn in context, and while s/he may understand basic manners in the home, that doesn’t always mean that s/he can successfully perform the same tasks when there are more distractions and whole new environment.

Part of our training program teaches dogs how to generalize learning to all sorts of different contexts to have your dog reliably follow instruction. Training is a valuable investment in your bond with your dog, and it is essential to know and understand the fundamental concepts of reward-based training in order to have a truly successful experience.  Our Beginning and Intermediate classes are a complete track for training. The concepts that are started on a basic foundational level in your Beginning class are expanded upon and developed further in Intermediate class.


My dog barks at other dogs all the time when s/he is on leash; can I still take one of your classes?

Some dogs have specific behavioral concerns that are not appropriate for group classes. For example, if your dog barks, growls, and lunges while on leash when s/he sees another dog, and s/he cannot be refocused away from the distraction, s/he may not be appropriate for our group classes. Not only can that behavior keep your dog from being able to focus and learn the manners being taught, it can also affect other dogs in class by making them feel unsettled.

If you are unsure of your dog’s appropriateness for a group class setting, please email us at and let us know the specific behaviors you are observing that are of concern. While we do not currently offer private training or consultation to the general public, we do offer referrals and resources to help you succeed in your training goals.


How do I get the adopter's discount code?

To access our special adopter price, please email with proof of adoption to let us know when and where you adopted your companion and which class you would like to take, and request the special access code.

The adopter’s discount is available to those who have adopted their pet within the past year prior to the first class. We offer our adopter prices for those who have adopted their pet from any weC.A.R.E. Community Coalition Adoption Center, including:

  • Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV)
  • San Jose Animal Care Services Center
  • Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority
  • City of Palo Alto Animal Services
  • Santa Clara County Animal Shelter
  • any other 501(c)3, not-for-profit animal welfare organization


I adopted a puppy from HSSV which included complimentary training. How do I now register?

To use your complimentary training and secure your spot in class, please contact with your name, your dog’s Animal ID number (located on your adoption paperwork), and which class you would like to take. We will then send you registration instructions that allow you to enroll at no additional cost.


I don't see the class I want on the schedule. How can I be added to your wait list?

We are always working and building upon our schedule of classes. If you don't see a class that you would like on our calendar, please email us at and ask to be added to our wait list for that particular class. As soon as we have a class of that type available for you, an email notification will be sent to you.


For additional questions, please email us at