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Whiskey the Grumbly Cuddlebug

I’m Whiskey. I’m a grumbly, particular cat who duos as a head butting purr-machine. I don’t always make a great first impression - I can be a little growly and scared. But once I’m comfortable with my people, I’m the most affectionate guy around. I love to give out headbutts - my signature move. I’m just not a fan of big crowds or loud things - but who is? I have two modes - solitary and elusive, and affectionate and sweet. Ask my humans to meet me (maybe a couple times!) and I’ll show you how I switch my mode into the sweetest dude you’ve ever met! Watch my video for proof!

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My Details

Relationship Status: Searching for my Whole World

Location: Milpitas Animal Community Center

Age: 8 years, 9 months

Gender: Male

Body type: Big and snuggly

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Education: Bachelor’s in Elusiveness

Occupation: Ron Swanson Impersonator

Favorite Things: Headbutts, alone time, making biscuits, chin scratches

For Fun: Cat-napping, seeing my circle of human friends

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Who I’m Looking For

I’m looking for someone who understands that first impressions can be deceiving. Don’t you ever get nervous meeting new people? My ideal humans are ones who understand that patience goes a long way with me, and I’ll reward you for it over and over again. Have a quiet, calm household? I just might be the companion for you!


If you think that's you, send me a message!