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Natasha The Lady

Hey there, I’m Natasha. I’m a low maintenance lady just lookin’ for a place to rest my paws. I enjoy the occasional back scratch or chin rub, but I’m not too “in your face” about it. All in all, I’m a pretty mellow girl who just likes the usual – laying in the sun, taking a quick cat nap, and getting my play on. I’m a sucker for showers – don’t they just smell delightful? I don’t mind other animals for the most part, and sometimes I’ll even demean myself by playing with my foster mom’s dog. I have perfect litterbox manners – because, of course, I am a lady. If I sound like your perfect girl, go ahead and contact my folks.

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“Natasha is a proper adult cat. She likes what she likes, and she avoids what she doesn’t. She has perfect house manners, and loves to be near the action. She’s incredibly tolerant of other animals, though she won’t compete for attention. She’s so polite, she won’t wake you up in the morning.”

- Kirsten Davis, Foster Mom

            My Details

            Relationship Status: Single

            Location: Milpitas Animal Community Center

            Age: 8 years old

            Gender: Female

            Body type: Average

            Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

                   Education: Master’s Degree in Getting

                   my Way

                   Occupation: Professional Nap Queen

            Favorite Things: Naps, window seats, treats

            For Fun: Binge watching my favorite show on

            the couch

            See my adoption page>

Who I’m Looking For

I’m looking for someone that will let me be my true self, which is, well…a cat. Like any mature (yes, mature!) feline, I have my highs and lows at times, but I’d say all things considered I’m a pretty even-tempered girl. I’ll even put up with your pesky dog (and might even play with him, but don’t tell him that).


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