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John the Toothless Cuddlebug

I’m John! Do I talk a little funny? That’s because I don’t have any teeth - but hey, it doesn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother you. It just means I get extra helpings of delicious wet food. I’m a sweet old man who lives for the cheek rubs and can’t get enough of my favorite peeps. At my age, I’m much more interested in getting lots of affection than learning new tricks (but hey, who can blame me?). If I sound like the perfect guy for you, come ask my friends about me!

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Relationship Status: Looking for my better half

Location: Milpitas Animal Community Center

Age: 8 years old

Gender: Male

Body type: Fluffy

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Education: Bachelor's in Cuddles

Occupation: King of the Castle

Favorite Things: Cheek rubs, booty scratches, playing

For Fun: Wand toys!

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Who I’m Looking For

If I’m being honest, I’m not too picky! I’m just looking for someone that loves the cuddle life as much as I do and can look past my missing teeth (it’s no biggie, I promise!). If you can shake a wand toy every once in a while and know how to master a good cheek rub, you’ll be my friend for life. Come meet me!

If you think that's you, send me a message!

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