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President’s Circle and Visionaries’ Circle

Our President’s Circle recognizes our unique and special group of friends who donate over $1,000 cumulatively in a calendar year. President’s Circle members are given special behind-the-scenes access and benefits to enhance their connection to our work so they can see the impact of their gifts.

Year after year, our President's Circle and Visionaries’ Circle members demonstrate a level of generosity that is truly transformative.

For more information about our President's Circle and Visionaries’ Circle, or if you are interested in accessing your benefits if you are a current member of either Circle, please contact Bridget Keenan at 408-942-3006 – or email Bridget at

President’s Circle Membership Levels
Pearl Paws $1,000 - $2,499
Amethyst Paws $2,500 - $4,999
Ruby Paws $5,000 - $9,999
Sapphire Paws $10,000 - $24,999

Visionaries' Circle Membership Levels
Emerald Paws $25,000 - $49,999
Diamond Paws $50,000 or more

Benefits at all levels are available upon request, based on resources, and may be subject to change during the year. You may opt out of benefits or remain anonymous if you prefer.

As a President’s Circle or Visionaries’ Circle member, you will feel even closer to our mission by experiencing it firsthand. Maybe you’ve always wanted to ride along on a rescue mission - giving abused or abandoned animals a second chance. Perhaps you’d like to learn how your gift transforms feline lives while sitting at tea with our President. Or see what happens behind-the-scenes with a tour through our state-of-the-art Medical Center. Or host a stress-relieving Puppy Pit or Kitten Cube at your workplace. Perhaps you have a challenging question for our animal socializers or behavior experts, whose rehabilitative work your gifts make possible.

These are just a few of the experiences available to you through our President's Circle and Visionaries’ Circle. They are our way of saying thank you - for saving animals' lives, for giving animals a voice, and for expressing your personal passion for animals as our deeply valued philanthropic partner.

Every level listed below includes the benefits in the level(s) above it. For example, the Ruby Paws level also includes all benefits in the Pearl Paws and Amethyst Paws levels.


PEARL PAWS $1,000 - $2,499

Join our community of friends; see your name or your pet’s name on our Annual Donor Wall in the Rosie and Lucky Diekman Atrium at our entrance, for one year. (Anonymity provided upon request.)

Meet other animal advocates at our exclusive annual President’s Circle Reception, held at our Animal Community Center, which includes a book-signing by a special guest speaker.

Enjoy “Insider” information, including advance announcements of achievements here at Humane Society Silicon Valley before they reach the public, and exclusive access to HSSV’s inspirational Mutual Rescue™ videos to watch and share prior to public release.

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AMETHYST PAWS $2,500 - $4,999

Imagine the civilized pleasures of a cup of tea, but your companions are of the feline persuasion — rescued cats, cat behavior experts, cat lovers, and our President, Carol Novello, all gathered for our annual afternoon tea at our Animal Community Center. Sip Earl Grey while Carol shares our latest lifesaving trends, unique programs, and lifesaving success stories which you helped make possible.

Design your own complimentary Tribute Brick. What better way to honor or memorialize a beloved family member, pet, or friend, than to ensure they become a permanent part of Humane Society Silicon Valley with a unique and meaningful Tribute Brick? You can personalize your text and even have symbols such as a HEART or PAWPRINT.

Take advantage of our complimentary microchipping for one pet (transferable, and includes basic lifetime registration coverage) — our way of saying thank you for enabling happy reunions in our community. If your pet is lost, it’s a comfort — and a significant recovery advantage — to know he or she carries a microchip containing all the information needed to find you.

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RUBY PAWS $5,000 - $9,999

Bring a friend or two with you for a private tour of the Animal Community Center that is tailored to your special passion. Perhaps you’ll be handed a bottle-baby kitten to help feed, or hold a fearful kitten who needs socialization. Watch as a senior dog has his teeth cleaned in our Medical Center, or comfort a dog or cat who is just waking from surgery. You never know what you will encounter when you go “behind-the-scenes” and experience our daily lifesaving work.

Enroll your dog in a FREE year of HSSV Dog Park Membership at our one-of-a-kind canine/human playground, where dogs and people form lifetime friendships. Clean, well-maintained, and all turf, it offers members-only adventure, exercise, and social opportunities throughout the year. And your dogs will love the agility equipment, swimming pools, and loads of dog toys!

Meet with a highly trained animal socializer volunteer, whose experience with our shelter animals is building healthy human-animal connections in our community. Looking for tips on clicker-training your cat? Helping a rabbit learn litter box etiquette? Socializing a timid puppy, or helping an older dog navigate his new life? The people who socialize and steward rescued animals are here because your gifts support our lifesaving work

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SAPPHIRE PAWS $10,000 - $24,999

Meet with one of HSSV’s pet photographers for a complimentary photo session with your pet. They are accomplished at capturing each animal’s true personality. If no one has ever been able to capture your dog’s elusive smile, or get your three kitties to settle into the same photo, this is your chance!

Enjoy a gift certificate for a free adoption of a pair of kittens, or give it to a friend who could use some new entertainment and companionship in their home. When it comes to kittens, trust us, two are ALWAYS better than one.

Show that you care about the cats, dogs, and/or rabbits here in our community. With your generous support, you have sponsored the care and feeding of the animals who inhabit our dog, cat, and rabbit condos. The recognition signage we’ll display outside a habitat for a year will proudly and gratefully bear your name (or your pet’s name).

Discover the mysterious ancestry of your canine companion. Science will reveal your dog’s breed composition with a complimentary saliva DNA test. You may be shocked by the results, while learning the reasons behind some of their quirky behaviors!

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Visionaries’ Circle members are eligible for ALL benefits listed among the President’s Circle levels above.

EMERALD PAWS $25,000 - $49,999

Have lunch with a leader! Join HSSV’s President, Carol Novello, or our Chief of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Cristie Kamiya for a one-on-one luncheon. Each have a deep understanding of the human-animal connection, and a unique vision for animals in our community and beyond. Because you are a crucial partner in our mission, they look forward to sharing our Animal Community Center’s future, and you have the opportunity to discuss your ideas about animals with a knowledgeable, passionate, and inspiring animal advocate.

Become immersed in our day-to-day work by embedding yourself in our Medical Center or Kitten Nursery for a morning or afternoon. Experience in great detail how we do the lifesaving work that we do, every day, with our veterinarians, vet techs, and/or behaviorists who make it possible.

See your name listed in our Fall newsletter as a member of our Visionaries’ Circle, and be an example to others in our community with your deep commitment to our lifesaving work, while inspiring them to action. (Anonymity provided upon request)

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DIAMOND PAWS $50,000 plus

Ride along with our Regional Rescue Team on a mission to save animals who have run out of second chances, and see how your gifts are transformative in the lives of so many animals. Because of your support, we are able to provide this type of safety net to animals in our community, and in overcrowded shelters in other counties. This end-to-end experience will open your eyes to the critical impact your caring has on our mission to save every save-able life, one animal at a time.

Relieve stress for you and your friends or colleagues with a “Puppy Pit” or “Kitten Cube” at your workplace, church, school, or wherever it’s needed. Submerge yourself among rescued puppies or kittens (when available), for two hours, and feel the joy of face-licking and puppy breath, or warm purrs, and lots of snuggles. Or gift this opportunity to a friend or family who would greatly benefit from some animal-time.

Join us for a “Behavior Team Experience” including testing dog intelligence through “Dognition”, and watch a typical HSSV Doggy Playgroup, OR instead choose a two-hour consultation with one of our behavior specialists. Through either experience, you can gain a deeper understanding of your animal companion, learn new techniques for real-life challenges, or take your training to the next level. HSSV behavior specialists are experts in the newest best practices in humane, effective animal training, and they are experts at training humans, too. We are pleased to share with you the expertise that enables our Center to prepare animals for the second chances your gifts make possible.

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