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Our new Pet Pantry Program supports homeless animals, guardians, and the community by providing food to pet guardians who cannot afford to feed their pets. Frequently, these animals are given up simply because the guardian has lost his/her job and can no longer provide the food that the animal needs.

It is devastating to witness the bewilderment in the eyes of one of these animals, as he watches his guardian leave him behind. Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) is committed to stopping this heartbreaking cycle.

How to Donate to the Pet Pantry

You can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of dogs, cats, and humans by providing the food that enables guardians to care for and keep their beloved pets.

Individuals / Corporations

When you have a donation of food for HSSV, clearly mark the package for "Pet Pantry" and fill out the online Pet Pantry donation form below. We will contact you within 48 hours.

Receipts are available for tax purposes.

HSSV will redistribute your donations to eligible caregivers/homeless throughout the community, ensuring animals receive the food they need in order to stay with their guardians and families.

Animal Supply Stores

Whenever you have a returned, expired, torn, or otherwise un-sellable bag of dog or cat food, call HSSV's Pet Pantry hotline and request a pick-up. HSSV will provide you with stickers you can affix to the bag so the food is clearly marked for donation to HSSV.

Within 48 hours, a HSSV volunteer will come to your location, check-in with the store manager, and pick up the designated bag(s) of food. The volunteer will leave behind a receipt that details the amount and type of donated food. The receipt will be printed on HSSV letterhead and will serve as documentation for tax and corporate records.


Questions? Please email for information.

I Need Help!

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, learn more about how you can get assistance with our Pet Pantry Program.