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Community Impact

We lead and inspire a community with innovative programs to change the lives of animals now and in the future.

Saving lives and strengthening a community demands bold new ideas backed by generosity. With over 75% of our funding coming from individuals who want to make an impact, Humane Society Silicon Valley is able to create and implement those kinds of programs, picking up where the constraint of government agencies leave off.

We founded and lead the weCARE Alliance - six local sheltering agencies, most of which are publicly funded - that work together to find creative solutions to save homeless animals. Our leadership inspires this collaborative ecosystem, working to advance the care of companion animals across Silicon Valley.

Our foundation is based on ground-breaking spay and neuter services that ultimately reduce the number of animals coming into Silicon Valley shelters today and going forward. We expand on those efforts with rescue and foster care, owner surrender services, and medical and behavioral programs that provide these animals the best opportunity to thrive. We operate multiple adoption centers and provide owner-counseling to keep animals happy and healthy in their new homes.

These programs are setting a national example for innovation at the local level and shattering the notion of what’s possible in animal rescue.

Our influence stretches beyond the statistics, leaving an entire community brighter and more compassionate than where it began.

By saving lives, building companionship and strengthening a community, Humane Society Silicon Valley is making a long lasting, positive impact that is not easily undone.

With focus on prevention and education, and our leadership among partnering shelters, it’s easy to take for granted the impact Humane Society Silicon Valley has on homeless animals. Without us, unwanted births would skyrocket, driving greater numbers of animals into shelters and dramatically increasing the number of lives lost.

We have the potential to make an even greater impact than what’s already been achieved. By expanding and targeting our spay/neuter programs and rescue efforts, we can save thousands of more lives and eventually ensure that every pet in Silicon Valley has a loving home.


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