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Answers to frequently asked questions about Humane Society Silicon Valley’s Paint a Better Future campaign.

What is a ‘comprehensive’ campaign?

Comprehensive campaigns enable non-profit organizations such as Humane Society Silicon Valley to address both their ongoing and longer term needs and priorities. In contrast to a capital campaign, which usually seeks to raise funds for buildings (either new or remodeled) or equipment, comprehensive campaigns are designed to address organizations’ capital, endowment, and current needs. Moreover, because all giving “counts” during a comprehensive campaign, every donor can make a difference and every gift is valuable. Finally, comprehensive campaigns, by design, permit donors to direct their philanthropic giving preferences to organizations’ top priorities.

Why undertake a comprehensive campaign?

We believe the Paint a Better Future™ campaign will result in a fundamental shift in how our constituents think about their philanthropic relationship with Humane Society Silicon Valley. This shift will change the foundation of our funding from primarily annual giving and bequests to a more predictable blend of annual giving, higher levels of mission-specific annual giving, and capital giving for specific purposes and permanent endowment.

The Paint a Better Future™ campaign builds upon the foundation created with the New Beginnings Campaign and the fulfillment of our vision for our Animal Community Center. We are now in a position to expand our mission by leveraging this state-of-the art facility and the opportunities it creates. For example, the recent hiring of Dr. Cristie Kamiya as Chief of Shelter Medicine exemplifies our capability to attract top-level talent. She is one of only a handful of veterinarians with specialized residency training in shelter medicine.

Another example is the growth in our volunteer program. In our former facility, we had 300 volunteers. Today, we have over 1,100. By reinforcing our financial foundation to safeguard organizational sustainability and make program expansion possible, we are proactively working to ensure the long-term vitality of our mission and delivering even greater social return on the investment made to build our Animal Community Center.

Most importantly, our Paint a Better Future™ campaign provides the opportunity to deepen our relationship with existing donors. Most donors who support the campaign will have the opportunity to consider specific areas of support that are deeply personal and aligned with their specific philanthropic goals. We are then able to report on results specific to those areas of support and interest!

Why such a large working goal?

The working goal includes all giving to Humane Society Silicon Valley over the 6.5 year period of the campaign—annual giving, bequests, event giving, organizational grants as well as programmatic gifts made in response to specific campaign-related proposals. Every gift “counts” towards the fulfillment of our campaign goal no matter the size or the source of giving.


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