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Treat and Rehabilitate

We provide critical services for the animals in our community who need care and support for behavioral and medical conditions, and in doing so, we improve the animal save rate across the Silicon Valley community and provide second chances to wonderful companion pets who might otherwise not be saved.

Shelters in Santa Clara County are collectively saving 100% of healthy animals that come into our care. As a result, our organization has the unique opportunity to provide for animals requiring extended care that, if left untreated or unmanaged, would hinder their chances of being adopted. Of the 5,600 animals we bring into the shelter each year, 76% are receiving extended care; an increase of 26% since 2011.

By focusing our efforts on extended care, we are augmenting the work accomplished as an organization and as a community.

  • HSSV has increased its overall save rate, from 81.2% in 2011 to 91%
  • We have also increased our adoptions by over 50% since fiscal year 2011
  • Santa Clara County’s overall save rate has reached 88%

Our programs in this area include:

We treat a broad range of conditions to save animals’ lives and help them find new homes. Our Lyn Lasar Medical Center is equipped with diagnostic equipment, surgical arenas, and our well-educated staff care for a variety of extensive medical conditions in areas such as internal medicine and orthopedics.

For animals needing behavioral remediation, our Behavior team creates structured enrichment and training plans to ensure success in our care and in their new home. Designated rooms like our Jungle Room for felines and our Real-Life Room for dogs provide quiet spaces for behavior staff, volunteers, and specialists to establish routines, build confidence, and let each animal’s best qualities shine through.

We collaborate with local, publicly funded shelters to save animals at risk for euthanasia, by transferring them into our care.

Specialized care increases the number of kittens we can save, and provides a safe-haven for kittens too young to be immediately adopted.

Dedicated volunteers provide TLC, exercise and mental stimulation to enrich the quality of life for animals during their shelter stay.

Our programs support volunteers who temporarily care for animals in their homes or offices, making more room for animals in community shelters.

Shelter dogs benefit from scheduled playgroups in our dog park, which provide them with enrichment and exercise.

In order save every animal that can be saved, HSSV must both sustain and increase our Extended Medical and Behavioral Care fund to commit to this program going forward. With the help of our supporters and volunteers, we can ensure every savable animal has an opportunity to find a loving home and the best life possible.


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