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For all of Humane Society Silicon Valley’s programs to grow and thrive, we must prepare a new generation of animal advocates. Working with students in kindergarten through 12th grade, we’re providing positive animal interactions to a future of passionate supporters.

The foundation of our education programs inspires children to teach what they’ve learned to their friends, family, and other adults in their lives. Each year, we reach a conservatively estimated 20,000 people beyond the 8,500 students that spend time in our programs. The students are enthusiastic about the animals they meet at Humane Society Silicon Valley and the information they learn during their visit at our Animal Community Center is exponentially shared with their families, friends, and neighbors. That shared sense of compassion for animals enriches an entire community, making it a better place to live for future generations.

25% of the students who come through our programs are from under-resourced schools and communities. Our programs engage children in ways that provide them with the learning needed to make connections between themselves and the world around them.

Our educational programs include:

Campers from grades three through eight learn about the many facets of the needs of animals through presentations and hands-on experiences. High school aged students volunteer as camp counselors to enrich the experiences of the younger campers.

In this program, teens learn how to socialize the animals and help make them more readily adoptable. There are optional and mandatory training days to learn basic obedience with the dogs, play therapy for cats, emergency pet preparedness strategies, and more. We conclude each session with a student-run event at the Animal Community Center.

Kind Kids Field Trips offer rich experiences for students and teachers. Each year, we bus students from under-resourced Title 1 schools in the Bay Area to our Animal Community Center to participate in an immersive and interactive field trip. Staff and volunteers help students explore their own empathy for companion animals and discover solutions to common pet issues seen in their own communities.

Students are trained to work directly with the animals in our care and receive community service hours while they’re at it. They also learn about important and trending topics in animal welfare and do projects around the shelter.

Humane Society Silicon Valley’s youth programs inspire children to create change in the future, but we also see the immediate impact our programs have on life-saving today, as these children and their families come back to adopt animals, volunteer regularly, and demonstrate philanthropy on behalf of homeless pets.


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