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Sonia & Sabi's Story

Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV) took in two little white, scruffy fluff balls from public shelters in Silicon Valley through our Regional Rescue Program. Today, they go everywhere with their new forever family.

In 2007, Humane Society Silicon Valley took in a little white, scruffy fluff ball from a public shelter in Silicon Valley through our Regional Rescue Program. She had come in through a puppy mill, and was unapproachable and afraid of men. She was also afraid of rubber boots. The Foster and Rescue Team at HSSV knew this little girl needed a special, quiet foster home in order to blossom into a confident and social dog. So she joined the home of Joanna and Mirek, along with their jumbo-sized kitty, appropriately named “Jumbo”. They named her Sonia and over time, and with lots of love, training and socialization, Sonia became friendly, confident and beautiful. She also learned some unusual behavior from the cat – she’d never had a role model before! If she didn’t like what another dog was doing at the dog park, she’d use her trademark “kitty swipe” to express her displeasure!

Fast forward four years. Another little scruffy, shy dog came to HSSV through our Regional Rescue Program. She had come in with a poodle that looked just like Sonia. This one needed a role model – a social dog who would cuddle and play. Mirek and Joanna stepped up again – offering up Sonia as the perfect “sister”. The two dogs instantly fell in love. They cuddle, snuggle, and bathe each other. It wasn’t long before this newest foster became a new family member. They named her Sabi – and she completed the family.

Today, the girls go everywhere with Mirek and Joanna and they are so happy together.

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