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Kix & Cody’s Story

Kix and his friend Cody had a rough start. Luckily, a good samaritan saved them and brought them into our care to find a more loving home.

They lived inside crates in an apartment and were only let out twice a day. Whenever they made noise, like asking to be let out, their owner squirted them with water. This cruelty prevented Kix and Cody from living out happy canine lives.

Thankfully, a good samaritan saved them from this hardship. She confronted the owners who admitted that they did not want this sweet pair of dogs. The good samaritan brought Kix and Cody into our care to find a more loving home for them both.

These two little ones thrived in foster care. They didn’t have any accidents in the house, they got along well with a blind cat that was living with them, and most importantly, they were so happy to be loved!

Soon they were adopted by a very loving family who is committed to adopting older animals with needs. Kix and Cody were adored by the family, and the two watched over the family’s four children everyday. Kix and Cody became guardian angels, just as they had a guardian angel watching over them.

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