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Neighborhood Adoption Center Match Complete

The Coyote Foundation's match has been completed, helping Humane Society Silicon Valley operate and sustain our two Neighborhood Adoption Centers in Petco Sunnyvale and Petco West San Jose. The Coyote Foundation matched gifts and pledges designated to this fund, rasing over $2 million to this fund. Neighborhood Adoption Centers catalyze Humane Society Silicon Valley’s strategy to find a home for every pet in Silicon Valley, facilitating 40% of our annual adoptions. Because these additional locations make adoptions more convenient and accessible, we can increase the number of animals finding homes.

Most animal shelters, and our own Animal Community Center in Milpitas, are located in industrialized areas not usually visited by the general public. These locations are off the beaten path and require potential adopters to make a “special” trip and have a specific reason to visit us. Providing more geographically accessible locations to potential adopters complements our adoption strategy. By choosing to locate our Neighborhood Adoption Centers in retail shopping centers where people routinely conduct daily errands, we are able to expand the number of potential adopters we can reach. In addition, by specifically locating these Neighborhood Adoption Centers inside Petco stores, we target pet lovers who become potential adopters and generate word of mouth about adoptions within a specific local community.

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