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Many compassion-driven supporters have invested in Humane Society Silicon Valley over the years because our strategic direction and life-saving work have deeply resonated with them. The social return of such generosity has been transformational. Because of the ever-increasing generosity of our supporters, we have achieved significant milestones at Humane Society Silicon Valley and throughout our community.

We will continue to provide significant social return over period of the campaign, through December 2017. Specifically, your giving will help Humane Society Silicon Valley:

  • Save the lives of at least 21,000 companion animals in Silicon Valley. This includes providing specialized care for nearly 60% of these animals whose lives will be saved through rehabilitation and medical or behavioral treatment. In addition, at least 7,200 of these animals will receive care through our foster program.

    This also means finding and keeping loving homes for these animals, including at least 18,000 adoptions through Humane Society Silicon Valley. We will assist in an additional 3,000 animals whose adoptions we facilitate through other rescue groups, alternative placements, reuniting lost pets with their owners, and supporting and counseling individuals and families so they can keep animals in their homes. With established long-term funds to support rehabilitation, and medical and behavioral treatment, as well as adoptions, we can save and find loving homes for up to an additional 500 animals each year beyond the campaign timeframe. We expect almost all of these animals will require extended medical or behavioral care.
  • Perform and influence over 51,600 Spay/Neuter surgeries. We expect to perform 47,300 surgeries and drive funding or negotiate reduced costs for at least another 4,300. These surgeries will conservatively prevent over 77,000 unwanted companion animals from being born.

    In addition, with an established long-term fund to support expanded spay/neuter services, we aim to increase the total number of surgeries we perform or influence to at least 10,000 annually and to increase the percentage of targeted, no-cost or deep discount surgeries from 44% to 65%. These 10,000 surgeries will conservatively prevent 15,000 unwanted companion animals from being born each year.
  • Reach nearly 57,000 children through our programs to teach kindness to animals and compassion for all. In addition to their own learning, these children will share their experiences with family and friends thereby exponentially increasing the impact of these programs to the greater community.
  • Transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through deeper connections with animals and with one another. Animal companions provide and demonstrate the power of unconditional love. The ripple effect of our life-saving work is the untold joy these animals bring into human lives. This same work reinforces connections between people through the celebration of, and engagement with, the companion animals we save.

Individual donors are the cornerstones upon which these future accomplishments rest. Few corporations or foundations currently prioritize our work in their philanthropic efforts. Our organization thrives and grows when individuals are inspired and committed by the impact they make in supporting our work.

We have become a leader in the field of animal care and rescue due largely to the role of private philanthropy. The most visible example of the game changing impact of private philanthropy is our Animal Community Center. It is a national model for animal care organizations everywhere and was funded almost entirely through contributions from individuals. The journey began with a $1 million gift from a single individual who passionately believed in our idea to create an epicenter to learn about, engage with, and celebrate animals.

Another example of the power of one individual’s philanthropic commitment is our Trap, Neuter, Return program. The generosity of a single donor, who provides at least $25,000 in annual funding, has attracted other donors to this vital program. The result is that over the last 3 years, the number of cats coming into community shelters has decreased from nearly 18,000 to less than 15,000 for a reduction of almost 17%.

Investing in such bold and compelling ideas has laid the foundation for Humane Society Silicon Valley as an enduring institution built on sustainable philanthropic results. Individuals who are passionate about our work and care deeply about our mission are the life-giving force of our history and our future.


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