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Financial Goal

Humane Society Silicon Valley is more than halfway through a multi-year, comprehensive campaign to invest in the future of our organization. The working goal - $55 million - is ambitious and forward-looking. Achievement of this working goal will sustain and increase our mission’s impact through progressive and scalable programs that we lead and deliver.

Our working goal is to raise $55 million over six and a half years.

  • $44 million for "Innovation and Impact" to support efforts to become the first model shelter in the country. This includes supporting annual operations and our efforts to drive increasingly greater results within existing programs.
  • $11 million for "Sustainable Growth" that enables future program expansion through endowment by freeing up current funding for new uses, thereby reinforcing our financial sustainability.

Specifically, campaign funds will be used to support the following:

$13.9 Million - Adoption, Alternative Placement, and Pet Retention Programs to support the model shelter standards of animals finding, and staying in, homes, and to add and sustain neighborhood adoption centers.

$12.9 Million - Medical and Behavioral Care, Treatment, and Rehabilitation to support model shelter standards to save animals through quality care and treatment and for more animals to receive extended treatment.

$11.3 Million - Regional Rescue, Foster Care, and Owner Surrender Programs to support model shelter standards to save animals through collaborative efforts with the community and to increase the number of animals saved through these program.

$10.8 million - Spay/Neuter Programs to increase the efficiency and impact of our spay/neuter efforts and to meet model shelter standards.

$2.6 million - Educational Programs to continue increasing the impact of our work with youth in the community.

$3.5 Million - Long-Term General Fund to reinforce the financial foundation of the organization.


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