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Our Paint a Better Future campaign closed on Dec 31st, 2017 after having rasied $59.7 million! Your support is saving thousands of homeless pets each year, more than ever before. 

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Why It Matters

You help give animals in our community more than a home.
You give them a second chance for a better life.

But it’s bigger than that. By connecting an animal with someone who will love them forever, you create a relationship that will enrich both lives in countless ways. A single animal has the power to spread joy to endless people, and in turn, create a more loving community.

It is not easy, though. Behind every adoption, every new relationship forged, there is often a challenging journey. You can help build the path for this journey by supporting Humane Society Silicon Valley’s mission and programs that save and enhance lives. With your support, no animal has to be left behind.

Our Solution

Prevent Unwanted Births

Prevent Unwanted Births

Reducing the number of incoming animals allows shelters to save more lives across a broader community.

Treat & Rehabilitate

Treat & Rehabilitate

We are committed to the care of Silicon Valley’s most at-risk pet populations.

Find Homes

Find Homes

We connect thousands of animals to thousands of people to enrich the lives of both.

Keep Pets in Homes

Keep Pets in Homes

We provide resources to help keep animals with their loving families.



Our education programs teach animal care, humane advocacy, and compassion for all living beings.

GIVE a personal trainer.

Tobie was just a puppy when Kelly adopted him. Now, he's living a full and joyful life.

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Steven Simon

Steven Simon, of The Simon-Strauss Foundation, shares what inspires his family to support critical Humane Education Programs.

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Michelle & Peter Detkin

Michelle & Peter Detkin share how their animals moved them to support keeping pets and their families together.

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Cheryl Marquez

Cheryl Marquez tells the story of how her desire to make a difference led her to supporting spay and neuter programs.

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Regional Rescue Match Complete

A $500,000 match challenge for the Regional Rescue Program generously offered by Sue and John Diekman has been completed!

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Campaign Co-Chairs Announced

We are proud to announce Sue and John Diekman as the co-chairs for the Paint a Better Future comprehensive campaign.

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Paint a Better Future Campaign Closed!

HSSV completed its 6.5 year comprehensive campaign with success

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Together, we can paint a better future.

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Our Impact

Our influence stretches beyond the statistics, leaving an entire community brighter and more compassionate than where it began.

Before we can look ahead, it’s critical that we sustain the positive impact we have in Silicon Valley.

Our Save Rate 87%

Lives saved through rescue and prevention 4,700

Animals Entering Community Shelters 26,000

We have seen significant progress since we began our campaign in 2011.

Our Save Rate 93%

Lives saved through rescue and prevention 7,300

Animals Entering Community Shelters 23,000

We consistently strive to increase our current impact and set a new bar for saving animals going forward.

Our Save Rate 95%

Lives saved through rescue and prevention 8,700

Animals Entering Community Shelters 22,000

The past The present The future

Our Goal

$55 Million

The Paint a Better Future comprehensive campaign began in July 2011. With each dollar raised, we ensure that we will always be the safety net for homeless animals in Silicon Valley.

Make Your Impact

The Paint a Better Future comprehensive campaign began in July 2011. With each dollar raised, we ensure that we will always be the safety net for homeless animals in Silicon Valley.

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When You Give

When you give to Humane Society Silicon Valley, 75 cents of every dollar goes directly into the programs outlined below. Whether it’s rescuing pets from over-crowded public shelters, or preventing animals from entering shelters in the first place, your gift funds specific initiatives at Humane Society Silicon Valley like:

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